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Mkto - God Only Knows chords

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God Only Knows – MKTO
Capo 2

(Tips for chords: A/C# x4222x, A/F# 20222x, F#7 x44320, Gsus2 3x0233)

(Verse 1 electric guitar licks without capo at the bottom)

[Verse 1]

D(4)                 A/C#(2)    Bm(2)
I've always said that I could never fall 
G(4)                 G(2)  A(2)
Because I love them all 
D(4)                 A/F#(2)     Bm(2)       
My heart don't race when they try to call
G(2)    G/F#(2)  Em(2)  A(2)
Because I love them all 

[Pre Chorus 1]

                Gsus2(4)                      D(2)                A(2)
But she got me stuttering like w-w-what can I do because I can't control it 
             Gsus2(4)                      F#7 (8)
She got me hovering above the ground and I don't know what to do 


Bm (2)    G(2)      D(2)     Em (2)
God only knows how much I need you 
Bm        G         D       Em 
I could explode if I can't breathe you 
Bm        G         D       Em 
I'm on the ropes    5  4  3  2 
Bm        G                      D                  Em 
Cause you're the one I guess I'm done that's how it goes
Bm             G              D              Em 
Where would I be without you yeah God only knows 

Bm        G         D       Em     x2

[Verse 2]

Bm     G         D            Em 
There ain't a crime I wouldn't do for you 
Bm             G        D       Em 
Let's make our get away mmm 
Bm        G     D               Em 
These diamonds shine but not as bright as you 
Bm          G     D       Em 
I'll throw them all away 

[Pre Chorus 2]
                G(4)                          D(2)                A(2)
I'm here surrendering And I give up, throwing my hands around you 
             G(4)                          F#7 (8)
And I can't remember when I felt like the way I felt for you

[Chorus] – post chorus chords 3x and then repeat last line of chorus


G(4)           A(4)          Bm(4)                D(2)             A(2)
   You touch me with your body and all that I can think is how to lose your clothes 
G(4)     A(4)
What's next 
        Bm(2) G(2) D(2) Em(2)
God only knows 
          Bm G  D  Em 
God only knows 
          Bm G  D  Em 
God only knows 
          Bm G  D  Em 

[Chorus] and post chorus chords 3x, then repeat last line of Chorus

Finish on Bm (1)

Verse 1 guitar licks without capo 

                                                                etc. “stuttering”
e|---------------------9------------------------------------12\--|     |--0---|
B|--9------------------9------------------------------------12\--|     |--0---|
G|--9--------9---------9-----9-----9---9-9--9-9--9---------------|     |--2---|
D|--9--------9------9--9-----9h11--9--11-9-11-9--9----9----------|     |--2---|
A|--7---9/11---11---9--x--------------------------9h11--7--------|     |------|
E|-----------------11--9-----------------------------------------|     |------|

(to play the whole song without capo i.e. with barre chords, just transpose this 
tab down 2 semi tones).
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