Mojave 3 - Return To Sender chords

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[C]The sun donīt [G]love me
and itīs [F]easy to cry
[C]I send a [G]letter
But I [F]get no reply
Just a [C]note
[G]Return to [F]sender
[C]We talk on [G]tiptoe
every[F]time we meet
[C]But Iīm think [G]breaking up
Is [F]just a congiet
Cos [C]love turns [G]sour
Every [F]hour

[C]I stand all [G]day
With a [F]rose in my teeth
[C]give it to the [G]first girl
That will [F]say something sweet
She says [C]thank you but this [G]flower
It will [F]die within the hour
[C][G]Return to [F]sender

I went [C]looking for a [G]priest
I said [F]say something please
I donīt [C]wanna live my [G]life
All a[F]lone
He said [C]God will take [G]care
Of [F]those that help them
But [C]you look pretty [G]screwed, Send a [F]letter

And the [C]word on the [G]street
Is that [F]death is complete
When you [C]think that
You [G]know where youīre [F]going
Amd the [C]headline in my [G]mind says
[F]Patience for the blind
If you [C]find us

[G]return to [F]sender

Đ 4AD, Written by Neil Halstead
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