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Monk And Neagle - Beautiful You chords

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Beautiful You Monk and Neagle Capo 4. Or play in key of G (F#) tuned half-step down.

Verse 1:
D           A/C#           D/C          Bm7  G7
All the oceans and the seas know the sound 
        A6          D7
Of Your beautiful voice. 
           A/C#           D/C          Bm7  G7
And if You tell them to be calm and be still 
          A6        D7 
They have no other choice.
             A/C#        D/C 
You put the stars in the sky 
             Bm7             G7
and then You taught them to shine. 
           A6         D7
They know just what to do.
         A/C#     D/C           Bm7           G7 
Every morning's a symphony that's perfectly timed 
    A6        D7 
By beautiful You.

           D               A/C#
(Beautiful You...) I can't imagine life without You.
           Bm               G7             A
(Beautiful You...) I can't imagine being alone.
           D           A  
(Beautiful You...) The only thing I ever wanted for You 
           Bm                  G7              A            D7
(Beautiful You...) Is have You hold me in Your arms.(Beautiful  You)

Verse 2:
D       A/C#            D/C          Bm7  G7
All the waterfalls know just where to fall
          A6    D7
Brilliant every time. (Brilliant every time)
         A/C#           D/C          Bm7  G7
And when it rains You are behind it all
            A6         D7 
With gentle rhythm and rhyme. (Gentle rhythm and rhyme)
          A/C#           D/C  
Mountains high know Your voice
        Bm7            G7
 and they are ready to move
           A6      D7
Where You tell them to.
         A/C#           D/C          Bm7  G7
With all my heart I believe that I can do the same 
             A6     D7 
Because of beautiful You.

D/F#         G          A                           G
Every ocean, every sea, every morning's a symphony. 
      D/F#          G        
Every drop of rain, every waterfall,
        [ch]D7/A[/ch]                  Bm7 
All the stars in the sky are so beautiful.
       D                     D/C 
Every breath I breathe, every beat of my heart. 
       G/B                [ch]Gm/A#[/ch] 
I feel so alive because of who You are.
      D                D/C
Every day I rise, every time I sing 
      G/B                 [ch]Gm/A#[/ch] 
I'm reminded of Your great love for me.
           D D/C       G/B Bm2/A#
You're beautiful, so beautiful.

Chorus[second singer]
(Where else would I be?) [on the alone]
(Where else would I be?)[wanted]
(When I fill my life)[arms]
(When I fill my life)[You)
(Youíre so beautiful)[Life]
(Nothing that I canít do) [I]  (Beautiful You) [around You]

D           A          G7
I just wanna be around You
                Gm6                 D7
I canít imagine life without You
                    A        G7
There is nothing that I canít do
                Gm6          D7
When I build my life around You
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