Monsters Of Folk - Temazcal chords

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This song was just released, hopefully all the lyrics are correct, they are at least close. 

capo 4

Em                                  Am
Putting all my power, righteous as a rose
Em                           G              Bm
dynamite the mountain now I'm walking up the road
     C                                     G
oh the love we made at gun point was not love at all
 C                             C                 Bm
they're dancing in the valley, the moon the mirror ball

Em                              Am 
blew open my mind now it's an empty room
Em                                  G                   Bm
swinging in the hammock, dogs are walking cross the room
C                                         G
I watch you braid you hair, you're from another time
C                                  G                  Bm
when the earth wasn't so angry and god was on our side

Am               C           Am          G
searching west to east, and all points in between
   Em                  Am                                     C                          G
underneath the lines of thought, you're there and then you're not

Em                                 Am
the Mayans stole tomorrow hid it underground
Em                                 G                  Bm
they comb with heavy magnets but it still hasn't been found
C                               G
sweating out my secrets in the telescope
C                             G            Bm
screaming in the kite that a star's about to fall

Am                  C         Am          G
looking through the trees, cities and seas
           Em                 Am                                           C
things we've seen all these overlords, they're there and then they're gone, 
there and then they're gone

Am                C           Am              G
searching west and east, all points in between
        Em                Am                                  C                           G
and underneath the hand of god, you're there and then you're not
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