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Montrose - Bad Motor Scooter tab

Artist: Montrose
Title: Bad Motor Scooter
Album: Montrose

Composed by Sammy Hagar
Lyrics at Sammy Hagar's official site:
Tabbed by music man

See below for slide suggestions.

Tab: Guitar
Tuning: Standard

Resolve motorcycle revs on D


e --3---------------------I
B --3---7---------7-------I
G --0---7-9-10-9--7-9-10--I
D --2---5---------5-------I
A --3---------------------I
E ------------------------I
    C9  D         D


e --------------------------I
B ----------7-----------10--I
G --2---4---7---2---4---10--I
D --3---5---7---3---5---10--I
A --3---5---5---3---5---9---I
E --1---3-------1---3---10--I
    F   G   D   F   G   D7#9

e -------------------------I
B ----------7-----------7--I
G --2---4---7---2---4---7--I
D --3---5---7---3---5---7--I
A --3---5---5---3---5---5--I
E --1---3-------1---3------I
    F   G   D   F   G   D

Chorus before bridge (x4 before transition notes)

e --3------------I
B --3---7--------I
G --0---7--------I
D --2---7--------I
A --3---5--------I
E ---------1--3--I
    C9  D

[ Tab from: ]
e ----------I
B --7---10--I
G --7---10--I
D --7---10--I
A --5---9---I
E ------10--I
    D   D7#9


e ------3--------------I
B ------0---------5\3--I
G --2---0---------5\3--I
D --3---0---------5\3--I
A --3---2---------7\5--I
E --1---3--------------I
    F   G(hold)   D C

Resolve on D, and head into the sunset...

\ = slide down


I've seen Hagar play the vroomy bits on a laptop pedal steel
in concert, but you can fake it by tuning to open G and
bashing away with a slide, Coricidin bottle, lighter, mike
stand, etc.

e = 2 steps down to d
B = same
G = same
D = same
A = 2 steps down to G
E = 2 steps down to D

The chord patterns in this tuning:


e -----I
B --7--I
G --7--I
D --7--I
A --7--I
E -----I


e --5--I
B --8--I
G --5--I
D --5--I
A --5--I
E -----I

D (verse riff)

e ---------------I
B ---------------I
G --7------------I
D --7--9--10--9--I
A --7------------I
E ---------------I

F (also D7#9)

e ------I
B ------I
G --10--I
D --10--I
A --10--I
E --10--I


e ------I
B ------I
G --12--I
D --12--I
A --12--I
E --12--I
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