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Motorhead - One More Fucking Time tab

                                ?NE M?RE FUCKING TIME
                               WE ARE M?T?RHEAD (2000)




Em                            C
B?th y?ur eyes wide ?pen, y?u see the shape I?m in
D                              Em
It wasn?t ?n my ch??sing, it?s ?nly b?nes and skin
And I will plead n? c?ntest, if l?ving y?u is a crime
      D                           A
S? g? ?n and find me guilty, just ?ne m?re fucking time


C                                           G
And if I w?uld be a bad man, y?u w?uld have seen the g??d in me
D                                  A
Y?u w?uld have seen the ?ther, the g??d man I c?uld be
C                              G
But since I am a g??d man, the same was all the same
D                   A
N?thing I c?uld d?, N?THING I C?ULD D?

* The intr? is always played bef?re the singing starts in every verse.
* The backr?und riff t? the s?l? is the ch?rus.
* The verse riff is change but is based ?n the ?ne y?u see here.
* Fades ?ut with s?l?.

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