Mott The Hoople - Hymn For The Dudes chords

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Em Bm C D Bb7 A7/D G

Verse 1

G C(g)
God ain't jive
D(f#) C(e)
For I can see his love
G C(g) D(f#) C
As it runs alive
G C(g)
'N one by one
D(f#) C(e)
Through fields of rusted wire
G C(g) D(f#)
The war has just begun
G C(g) D(f#)
Oh, cross over shame like the wise dove
G C(g) D(f#)
Who cares not for fame just for shy love
G B(f#) Emin(g) D(f#) C(e)
'N rejoice for the king ain't lost his throne, oh no
He's still here, you are not alone

Same for verse 2

Verse 3

G C(g)
I got an idea
D(f#) C(e)
Go tell the superstar
G C(g)
All his hairs are turning grey
G C(g)
Star-spangled fear
D(f#) C(e)
As all the people disappear
G C(g) D(f#)
The limelight fades away
G B(f#) Emin(g) D(f#) C(e)
Cos if you think you are a star
G A7(f#) D(f#) C(e)
For so long they'll come from near and far
G B(f#) Emin(g) D(f#) C(e)
But you'll forget just who you are (yes you will)
You ain't the nazz
You're just a buzz
Some kinda temporary

Intro x2 for the solo

Like first verse

God bless Mott
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