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Mystery Jets - Young Love tab

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Simple and one of the best songs, from one of the best albums 
of one of the best bands of 2008.

For the Inrto and verse the chords are - E, B, C#m, B, A.

E         B                   C#m      B    A
If I only knew your name Id go from door to door
Searching all the crowded streets For the place that I once saw

If I only knew your name Id go from door to door
Tell me have you seen the girl Ive met just once before

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For the chorus the chords are E and A


One Night of Love Nothing more nothing less


One Night of Love To put my head in a mess


Is that you on the bus? Is that you on the train?


You wrote your number on my hand And it came off in the rain

For the breakdown bits the whoah oh etc. its just C# and A.

Easy peasy. Theres a really good version of this aswell
on freshly squeezed :
Joe Martinivic.
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