Nabiha - The Enemy chords

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  / Nabiha     /
 / The Enemy  /

This song is very simple. It is the same round of 4 chords repeated all the way
through. So instead of notating that over and over again, I'll just notate how
many rounds you are to play for each part of the song.

   The round:
  | D5 | F | C | D |

  What's special about this round of chords is that mixes D minor and D major:
  - It starts out on D5, a D chord with no 3rd, making it a D5.
    Here it can be both D minor and D major. The melody plays around with both
    scale ideas, so you can do just the same.
  - on F and C, the tonality is D minor.
  - on the last chord, D, the tonality is then D major.

  In the Bridge:
  - on Bb and Gm, the tonality is D minor.
  - on D, it is D major.
  - on A, it can be both (with C#).

  So this song is great for experimenting with the major and minor scale.

 Intro:      2 rounds

 Verse:      2 + 1

 Chorus:     2

 Intro:      1

 Verse:      2 + 1

 Chorus:     2

| Bb | Gm | D | D |
| Bb | Gm | A | A |

 Breakdown:  2

 Chorus:     2

 Outro:      2

I think the phrases in the Chorus are inspired by "Polovtsian Dances",
the famous theme from the russian opera "Prince Igor" by Alexander Borodin.
The theme was also sung by Sissel Kyrkjebų in the chorus of "Prince Igor",
the '97-hit featuring rapper Warren G released on the concept-album
"The Rapsody Overture".

Jon Sebastian Frederiksen - 21st /October /10
Just mail me at with questions, comments and corrections!
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