Natalie Walker - With You chords

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First Tab! Yay! I love this song. Natalie is a fabulous singer/songwriter and an 
inspiration to my own work!

*capo on the first fret*

Intro: Em7, Cadd9, G, D/F# x2


Em7          Cadd9         G        D/F#        Em7
       We've come along a long way, I must say.
      Cadd9         G      D/F#   Em7
We've come along a long way.
 Cadd9       G              D/F#       Em7   Cadd9       G      D/F#
Love takes time and time is on our side.     Time is on our side.


Cadd9            G          D/F#               Cadd9
     I was all alone and I didn't have a place.      
                  G              D/F#             Cadd9
You came into my life and then everything changed.
           G        D/F#     Cadd9                 G           D/F#
Love this strong never fades.   What's on to your life doesn't go away.

Repeat Verse and Chorus.

Bridge: Same as the verse.

*Thank You! Lots of love!*
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