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Neil Young - Walk On tab




Verse 1:

   A              D                     A        D
I hear some people been talkin me down
A                D              A               D
    Bring up my name, pass it around
A                D                A         D
They don't mention the happy times
A                 D              A      D
     They do their thing, I do mine


A    Cm#                              
                Ooo, baby, that's
Cm#  F#
         hard to change
A     Cm#                                  Cm#  F#
                I can't tell them how  to     feel
A   Cm#
               Some get stoned
Cm#  F#
              some get strange
E                               D
     Sooner or later it all gets real

Walk on



Verse 2:

A     D                 A           D
 I remember the good ol' days
A                  D           A          D
    Stayed up all night, gettin' crazed
A                D                A         D
   Then the money was not so good
A                 D               A            D
       But we still did the best we could



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