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maybe not perfect, but tabbing and borrowing in roughly a 60/40 ratio have led me to
its the closest tab although the bridge might still be a wee bit off

intro, verse and chorus
  Em  A7  FM7  Em

these chord forms sound better played around the fifth fret tone-wise IMHO, playing the
same notes just all one string down and the corresponding number of frets up (for
frets 7 5 6 5 on strings A D G B for A7)

after 20 seconds play with a funky strumming pattern. it also sounds good to throw in
hammer-ons and pull-offs (i.e. B string open/first fret during the FM7), and if you are
at the fifth fret you have the option of playing the high e string 3rd fret for the Em 
5th fret for the others which he does sometimes

bridge (fast, maybe ska strumming pattern sounds good)
Bm7                            F#m
Someday, Someday, this will be over
Weíll raise a family
Iíll get a job and Iíll be a voter
And if I die
It will change you
I watch over a family
               Em (ring out)
But only as an angel

*possibly Gm7 instead of G, you decide!

back to standard chords until the end, i like a big ending so i play the full open chord
using all the strings from here on.

any suggestions are welcome although i think this sounds perfectly good for a nice wee
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