New Grass Revival - In The Middle Of The Night chords

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On the Em chords you want to do a little palm slap on and off to give it the same sound 
as the song. On the D in the chorus you want to hit some hard down strums. The C9 chord 
before you go in to the chorus needs to finish with 3 strong down strokes and a palm mute.


G                       C9                  Em
Well Iíll tell you a story thatís got no end
G            C9                        Em
I forgot my love and I lost my friend
G              C9                   Em
The murder was easy to soft my charm
G                   C9                   Em
But this darkness about to do me some harm
C9                        G
I lock my doors and my windows too
D                          Am
But that old wind still whistles through
C             C9
I used to be so close to you
In the middle of the night
Something just ainít right
Em            G
Midnight whereís that morning light
Em                     D
Midnight Iím used to making it by myself
Am                C                   Em
Oh lord, but this here is something else

G                             C9             Em
Well my head feels hot but my hands are so cold
G                   C9     Em
So few years but I feel so old
G                C9                     Em
Sweet Sally donít come around here no more
G                       C9           Em
She read my palm and showed me the door
C9                        G
Iíve got nowhere to pretend
I feel likeís itís either me or them
C               C9
Your love was made for 3am

G           C9   nnn         Em
I got a love thatís ice cold fire
G              C9             Em
Deep blue dreams and red desires

G             C9         Em
Father son and holy ghost
G                C9           Em
Whereís the one I need the most
C9                   G
Iíll admit that Iíve been wrong
D                                C
Iíve been singing the same old song
Iíve been feeling the way I feel too long

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