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Nick 13 - Someday chords

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Nick 13 - Someday
Tuning: Standard [EADGBE]

G                                    D    C                           G
Failure's my friend but I keep on tryin'. It's bittersweet there's no denyin'.
G                         D       C                              G.
So I walk these old roads anyway. The banner tattoed on my arm says....Someday.

Am                                 C                G
And that's the word that I believe in. So I keep on tryin'.
Am                                 C      G
That's the time I get to where I'm goin'. Anyway.
Am                          C                       G
That's the day marked on my calendar. keeps me from cryin'.
Am                           C                 G
So let the time fly bye so it arrives. with no delay.

(Verse 2)
G                                              D       C                                        G
It's the day that I'll get around to all those things. God I've always meant to do but couldn't say.
G                              D            C                                   G.
For once I wont be late for my appointment. I've got it down for 12 o'clock (noon)... Someday.


(Verse 3)
G                                D         C                                         G
An old man sits alone out in the twilight. Not much longer in this world will be his stay.
G                                           D      C                                    G.
He always wished that he could fall in love again. Before he closed his eyes he whispered... Someday.

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