Nick Cave - Mercy Seat chords

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Nick Cave - Mercy Seat
I was reading the tabs on this site and came up with this alternative.
The verse is Em and Bm but I think the song is the Em bar chord on fret 7 5th string and 
fret 7 barred accross from the 5th string like this:

This doesn't apply to the verse which I use all bar chords for. The guitar chords in the 
Nick Cave recording are just strung once and let ring with a whole bunch echoe and 
droney stuff.

Em         Bm
   I began to warm and chill
   Em         Bm
   To objects and their fields
   Em              Bm
   A ragged cup, a twisted mop
   Em                Bm
   The face of Jesus in my soup
   Em             Bm
   Those sinister dinner deals
   Em                 Bm
   The meal trolley's wicked wheels
   Em            Bm
   A hooked bone rising from my
   Em                 Bm
   food.   All things good or ungood.

   And the mercy seat is waiting
   And I think my head is burning
   And in a way I'm yearning to be
   done with all this measuring of
   truth,   An eye for an eye and a tooth for a
   tooth,   And anyway I told the
   C                             Em
   truth,   And I'm not afraid to die.


Look at other chord tabs for full lyrics and song structure. Thanks.
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