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Nils Lofgren - Misery tab

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MISERY Lyrics & Music:  2003 By Tom Clawson

Verse 1.
Cm        Gsus4              G#              A#           

Just get-tin by             no feelings   or emotions
Night after day           just going through the motions
Aint no hurry going home cause no-bodys there
No one to love you            no one   to    care
There was a time      when you had some one
But love like time              has come and gone


         Cm        Gsus4           A#
     Bad love                    lies and misery
G#                               G7 
     Numbs the body and takes control
G7   Cm        Gsus4           A#
Bad   love                  lies and misery
G#                               G7                       G7
Stills the heart and       rapes the soul 
G7                Cm   Gsus4  G#   A#  G7  G7sus4   G7        
Wont let you go                   mis---er-------y          misery 

Cm    Gsus4    G#    A#    2x

Verse 2    

Cm                   Gsus4           G#                 A#        6x 

Alone and forgotten you never go any where
Consumed by memories of a love no longer there
Stare at the front door and a phone that never rings
Try not to think about what tomorrow might bring
When you get the courage youll walk down the hall
Past another lifetime that hangs on the wall 

SOLO:      Cm                   Gsus4           G#                 A#   

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