Ninja Sex Party - Dinosaur Laser Fight chords

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Standard Tuning (EADGBe)

A   D        E
Hey boys and girls, this ninja science lesson's
A     D         E
Gonna rock your world, so close your eyes and travel
A       D         E
Back in time with me and Ninja bri, 
           D                 E
It's gonna blow your mind to shit!

                   A          D    E
It was an ordinary day at dinosaur high
                            A                   D    E
Then stegosaurus raised his hand and called for high fives
                       A       D        E    
Tyrannosaurus saw this and got pissed because his tiny wrist
                D                       E           
Caused his high five to miss and he was like "FUCK THIS!"

A         E
Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!
F#m                 D
It was an oldschool dinosaur laser fight
A         E
Oh yeah!  Hell yeah!
F#m            D       E     A
Just a classic dinosur laser fight

A.. D.. E...
A.. D.. E...

                    A           D    E
It was a futuristic prehistoric throwdown
                         A                D  E
But it was quiet because in space there's no sound
                              A        D         E
Did we mention that this took place in space? It did so shut your face
           D               E
Also there were robots and sharks

A         E
Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!
F#m               D
It was an goddamn dinosaur laser fight
A          E
In space!  With sharks!
F#m              D       E     A
It's a balls-out dinosur laser fight

A  E              F#m      
.....It's fucking science!  
D                    A         E           F#m
.....Just ask Albert Einstein, he invented space

D         E                A  D        E
...Then a bunch of fucking aliens from mars
                            A    D    E
Showed up all ripping solos on v-neck guitars
                              A        D       E
The dinos, sharks, and robots saw they came in peace
                         D             E
So they killed them with lasers.  Holy shit!
                     A  D      E
Then they had a giant... laser party!
        A  D      E  
Dinosaur... laser party!  
     A     D      E  
Holy shit!  Laser party
                      A D      E       A
(It's fucking science)   Laser party!  FUCK!
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