No Age - Genie chords

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Standard Tuning (EADGBE)

Barre Chords preferred, but still sounds great with traditional chords

in this order: G, C, Bm, Am

Chorus: Bm, Dsus2, Bm, Dsus2, C, Am, back to G

Tip: make sure to really ring out the low strings on the Am Barre

G      C           Bm          Am       
I was on my way to know how it feels to be alone

G      C          Bm          Am 
And it hurts my soul to think of you (only you)


Bm     Dsus2
I'm beside myself

Bm     Dsus2
I'll bite my tongue

        C                Am                 G
And the world will never learn this thing I know

[butcher & repeat] ... [lyrics subject to incorrectness]

Tabbed by Alex Wilkerson 23 Jan 2010 (elscorcho2121)
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