No Name - Walk By Faith chords

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Em   C      G    D   Am   G    C    D
Verse 1:
     Em      C                         G                         D   
What a mystery, that the hands formed the galaxies
         Am                            G                 C              D
 Would reach down from heaven and rescue me...
 Em                                   C                     G                       D
 You've set me on the narrow way, and though the road looks rough and gray
     Am                        G                            C                       D 
 You take me by the hand and say that you'll stay by my side if 

               G         D      Em              C      
 I will walk by faith, lead by Your grace 
                     Am              G                       C                        D
Knowing You'll light my way, day by day, with every step I take 
                   G            D              Em       C
And I will seek Your face, as I run this race
                    Am                G                                        C      D
Keeping my eyes on, You'll guide me through, I'll trust the Shepherd King
                  Em          C        G        D      
And walk by faith

Verse: 2 
Em           C                         G                     D
As I simply trust You more Your hand begins to open doors
   Am                             G                C        D
Revealing paths I would've never found alone 
Em                              C                    G                          D
You bless me with the strength I need. You shield me from all enemies, 
  Am                         G                     C                 D
I'm in wonder at Your mysteries that keep me on my knees as I 


G      D
C                G                       C             D
You are my way, my hope and my guide
 G                 D                                  C                                  D
Prince of Peace, with every step of faith You draw me closer to Your side

Verse 3:

Em           C                    G                  D
What a mystery that You, my King, would die for me
Am                                G          C           D
I know I am unworthy, but that is why I sing
Em                  C           G                     D
So clothe me in humility, Remind me of life's brevity  
Am                              G                C                                 D
Stretch out Your healing hands through me, to reach the world in need...

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