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Nofx - Linolium tab

Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 20:33:21 -0500 NOFX

I figured it was time to give something back in return for the hundreds of
songs I downloaded from the archive. I tabbed "Linolium" by NoFX, off the
punk in drublic cd
It should follow almost perfectly. I just wrote down the main riffs, you'lll
have to follow the tempo while listening to it, I didn't feel like writing
out every time the chord was strummed. Theres also another guitar that goes
over the chords playing the same root note, but on a higher octive, but thats
easy enough to figure out. Any questions e-mail at GREENSPOT on aol. Keep

      7th               <<<<<<<< riff A>>>>>>>>>>     


Those are the only different parts. heres the order

7th    riff a     7th    riff a   riff a   riff b   riff a

riff b   {slowly (ska like) riff b}  riff b   riff b  riff b 

riff a  7th

Possesions never meant anything to me
I'm not crazy
Welll thats not true I got a band
and a guitar
And  ?????? pieces  on my floor
thats right I gotta flaw
so what so what so what
I got-
pockets full of
cleanux and linnen holes
where eve-rything is what it
should be jus seems to fall down my leg
an onto the floor
my closest friend li-no-li-um
supports my hand
give me something to believe

Thats me
up on the beachside, up on the sand
metal meter in my hand
sportin' a pocket full of change
Thats me playin  violin under my chin
playin with a grin 
singin jim-berin??
thats me, im the bad, I'm the boss
thats me inside your head
thats me inside your headddddddddd
thats me inside your head.

any corrections please mail me
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