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Nofx - Together On The Sand tab

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Some things weren’t quite right/ quite clear to me, so here you guys go…

Together on the Sand, by NOFX from Ribbed, and from previous tabs, you know

A (577655)
C#m (X46654)
Cm (X35543)
Bm (X24432)
Dm (X57765)

"Together on the sand..."
                    (this could start from any random fret)

A  C#m  C#m\Cm\Bm  Dm\C#m  }Twice

Main Part:
A                  C#m
   Together on the sand

    C#m\Cm\Bm            Dm\
 we walked hand in hand

C#m            A                    C#m  }Etc…
   On the beachfront, she smiled at me 

As she tightly held my hand

I had my finger up her...

Country music played on the radio

So I turned it off and we walked down

To the water, as she grabbed on to my honker

{But now slide to} B#m   

/C#m  C#m/Cm/Bm     }3x
   A wave swept us away                  Ah-ah-ahh..

Last bit: Bm         C#m-C#m-C#m-C#m-C#m

Slide the chords together for a smooth sound  

This part doesn’t matter but read it anyway fellows:

Hi.  (heh-heh) 
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