Not Blab - Billy chords

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Intro: Dm C A# C 4X

Dm        C            A#             C
Hey Billy my Friend whats wrong, you look so sad
Dm        C            A#             C
tell me if you're just disapointed again

A#        C            F              Dm
don't care who disapointed you (nobody disapointed you)
A#        C            F              Dm
even if you do not just like us (but we are still you're friend Billy)
A#      C
oh Billy (I said....)

F                       C
Billy Billy Billy Billy Don't care about it
A#                      C
Billy Billy Billy Billy The disapointed you
F                       C        A#         C.....
Billy Billy Billy Billy they Blab on your back

Melody: Dm C A# C 6X

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Dm C A# C Dm C A# C.... Dm

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