3union - More Than Ever chords

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INTRO:  ||:  Bm     D  |  Am     Em  :||

Bm       D         Am        Em
     Iím on my knees
Bm        D         Am            Em
     Iím broken down I am weak 
Bm     D      Am      Em
     Deliver me 
Bm    D         Am      Em
     I wait for you to speak

||:  Bm     D  |  Am     Em  :||

Am I alone
Itís getting dark down here
Where did you go
Itís so hard, Lord, are you here

G                 D
Hold me tonight
               A                     Bm
Do you hear me when I cry
G              D   			A
    God I need you more than ever
G                     D
    Help me to see
                    A                         Bm
That youíre always there for me
G                         D		          A
   ĎCause God I need you more than ever

||:  Bm     D  |  Am     Em  :||

You are the one
My only hope, my guide
You are the one
You never left my side

More than life or anything
            /F#  Gm
Youíre the arms that carry me
  A               B
Youíre the song, the air I breathe
All together
Like a lighthouse on the sea
/F#             Gm
Youíre the star thatís guiding me
  A          Bm
ĎTil you take me home to be with you 

Hold me tonight
B           D                            A
God I need you more than ever

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