Of Montreal - Advice From A Divorced Gentleman To His Bachelor Friend Considering Marriage chords

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Created by: dcolspector

Cm7  F  Cm7  F

Bb            Adim           D7
   You should stay away from roses
       Gm          F#dim          Cm7
And be careful to avoid chocolate hearts
             Ebm    D7     Cm
Keep distant from romantic notions
       Cm7          F         Cm7   F
‘cause that's where love most often starts

Be sure to steer clear of diamonds
And mink coats are most certainly out too
For if she goes in for that kind of thing
She just might fall then what you will do

    Fm7                         G
You know you've always been the sort
      Ebmaj7                 Fm
Who's truly only fond of the sport
    Ebm       Bb7
And who would never be satisfied
  Ebm        Bb7
Reclining in slippers by the fireside
       F#              F#7
With a wife's constant nagging
    E                        A
For things that you can't provide
    Abdim             C#7
Who no longer bears resemblance
        F#m         E
To that soft spoken flower
            E7                         D   D/C#  B7
You were so desperate to have for your bride

         Cm7               F
Too much conversing with a woman
         Cm7          F
Tends to dull a man's wit

Never be taken in by poets
Who claim that love if it's pure will never fade
Though love may last all right in a bibliotheque
In the real world, man, it's too easily unmade

So don't take your freedom for granted
Don't let curiosity take you for a ride
As years drag on when you wake up next to her
You'll wish that in your sleep you had died
You'll wish you had died

Cm7  F   Gdim  Bb
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