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Offspring - Vultures tab

this is definately right so dont bother lookin at anyone else's ok! standard tuning:

/ slide    ( ) palm mute   x  dampen string

this is the main riff and is played right through all the verses

e ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
b ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
g ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
d ----2------2------2-----------------------------------------------------------------
a --0---0--3---3--2---2------2--------------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------0--3---3------------------------------------------------------


g --7-77-/-10-10-10--------------------
d --7-77-/-10-10-10----777-/-10-10-10---      play this
a --5-55-/-8--8--8-----777-/-10-10-10---       twice
E ---------------------555-/-8--8--8----


g --99(999999)99999999------------------
d --99(999999)99999999------------------
a --77(777777)77777777------------------
E --------------------------------------

d --77-x-7-/-10-10-x-10----222-2-2-2-----
a --77-x-7-/-10-10-x-10----222-2-2-2-----      play as many times as needed, listen     
E --55-x-5-/-8--8--x-8-----000-0-0-0-----       to the song and you will get it.


g --77777777-99999999-------------
d --77777777-99999999-------------
a --55555555-77777777-------------
E --------------------------------

then play it all over again as many times as you are supposed to. Then theirs the solo which iv got a rough idea on but i cant be arsed to write it out now - maybe later!!

Enjoy this legendary piece of tab done by me - Mr Bumhole.   BYE!!!
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