Old Man Markley - Guts And Teeth chords

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C   C7   F   Fm   C   C7   F   Fm   (first part played up the neck)

        C                               C7                     
I still see my actions ripple, Grinding hope stones into sand, 
       F                              Fm
Losing too much kills the lion, Makes mice of many men
C                                 C7                   
  I watched you suffer too, Stuck steadfast to beliefs,
F                       Fm
  And I'm apart from it,   But woe is me

Am                                  F                        
And after all underneath, Ain't we all just guts and teeth?,
               Am                                F
     Ain't we all just reflections?,   Moving in separate directions
       C                 F               C
In our heads, out of our minds and out of time... 

 Chord progression repeats...  
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