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Olivia Newton-john - Let Me Be There tab

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Let Me Be There  -  Olivia Newton-John

>>> Taken from "The New Olivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits Songbook" <<<

Chords used:

   Ab Bb Eb or Eb Eb7 or Eb7 F

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                 Eb                  Ab                   Eb
  Wherever you go,  wherever you may wander in your life,
  Surely you know, I always want to be there
                  Eb Eb7                  Ab                      Eb
  Holding your hand,   and standing by to catch you when you fall;
                 Bb                   Eb
  Seeing you thru   in everything you do


         Eb                               Ab
  Let me be there in your morning. Let me be there in your night.
             Eb                              F
  Let me change whatever's wrong and make it right.
 Bb       Eb                   Eb7          Ab
  Let me take you thru that wonderland that only two can share.
         Eb     Bb               Eb
  All I ask you,  is let me be there


  Watching you grow, and going thru the changes in your life,
  That's how I know I'll always want to there
  Whenever you feel, you need a friend to lean on, here I am.
  Whenever you call, you know I'll be there


 Ab       Eb    Bb              Eb
    All I ask you, is let me be there

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