Olly Knight - Jesus Name chords

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Olly Knight
Jesus' Name
Tab Submitted by Joe Gallant

Intro/Link: Eb/Bb   Bb         Gm   F (x 2)

Eb/Bb      Bb          Gm           F
My heart can't tell of greater things
Eb/Bb           Bb      Gm              F
Than Jesus' blood washing my sins
Eb/Bb            Bb   F                   Gm
I'll share this love that Christ's shown me
Eb/Bb      Bb               F               Bb       F      Bb
And darkened hearts can be set free

Eb                 F         Gm         Eb
    Just as the Father sent the Son
              F                Bb/D     Eb
Into the world that He'd begun
So God sends us to do the same
                      Eb        F
To speak and live for Jesus' name

Verse 2:
My mind can't think of sweeter grace
Than when Christ died; he took my place
I'll share this truth and perfect peace
And troubled minds can know release

                     F                           Eb      Bb
(And) We will tell the world that "Jesus loves!"
            F                         Eb       Bb
For He came to earth to rescue us
          F                       Eb   F  Gm
"Only Jesus saves" we will proclaim
             F                                                                        Bb
Come find love, come find peace, come find joy in Jesus' name

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