One Church Gloucester - Complete chords

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Complete        Key: E          Bpm: 82
Words & music by Chris Bright 2011

Intro           B/A  A, E/A  [ch]F#m/A[/ch], E, E rpt

B/A                A       E/A               [ch]F#m/A[/ch]     E
Waiting at the Cross humbled by Your love for me
B/A                     A    E/A                  [ch]F#m/A[/ch]  E
Hear the song You sing, In Your presence listening

F#m  E/G#   A
And Iíll steal time away
To be with You

E         [ch]B/G#[/ch]          A
How I love Your ways
E           [ch]B/G#[/ch]          A
Jesus, oh how I love Your ways
 F#m                  E/G#
Full of compassion and love
            F#m          A
God my passion and love is found in You
(2nd to Instrumental)

Channel B/A A, E/A [ch]F#m/A[/ch], E, E

Resting at Your feet, here my life complete in You
All my hopes and fears, all my joy and tears
I give to You
(Pre Chorus)

Instrumental    E, [ch]B/G#[/ch], A, A x4

 F#m  E/G#   A  F#m E/G#  A
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