One Two Three Cheers And A Tiger - What Went Wrong chords

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Song:  What Went Wrong
Band:  One Two Three Cheers and a Tiger
Album: Less Than The Half Price


Intro: C / Am / Dm / Em   x3

Tell me what went wrong?
What did we do?
                   Dm                Em
Tell me why they're gone without us down the avenue?
Tell me what went wrong?
Inside us two
                 Dm                   Em
Tell me all the words and tales they... can't be true

    Dm                  Em
now don't you know it's true
         Dm                Am
they're searching just for you, my little orchid oh yeah
Dm                  Em
two, three chords to choose
        Dm              Am       
they're lying there for you my little flower oh yeah


Intro/Verse Chords

OOOooooooooooooo Waaaaa Oooooooooooooooooo and so on

Verse 2:

Tell me how it comes
that we two
are the last to understand the world that we go through

Tell me why the wall
is painted blue
Tell me why it's painted blue it's painted blue it's.. painted blue it's painted

- Chorus
- Post-Chorus

Tell me what went wrong, Tell me what went wrong and so on
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