Orange And Lemons - Heaven Knows This Angel Has Flown chords

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First submit ko po ito so hope you guys like it. :)

Verse 1:
           E              A  
There are times when I’m lying in my bed
       E                        A
Hug my pillow and cry from this stupid game
       E             A                      E
And my eyes are like windshields on a rainy day
Almost rubbed down, swelling, as I keep on

G#m                A
Dipping my face in these cold hands of mine
G#m              F#m         E (pause)
Heaven knows how bitter I am

                      A               G#m
‘Cause this angel has flown away from me
              F#m         E
Leaving me in drunken misery
              A                     G#m
I should have clipped her wings and made her mine
    F#m       E
For all eternity
                   A               G#m
Now this angel has flown away from me
                  F#m                 E
Thought I had the strength to set her free
           A                      G#m
Did what I did because I love her so
F#m                             A 
Will she ever find her way back home to me

Verse 2:
       E                  A        
I’m so tired, I feel like catching forty winks
      E              A
Being up all night in this elbow room
     E            A
That puts me in a trance
      E                     A      A
Where hopes and dreams come true
       E        A              E        A
Now my lips are burning and my eyes are hurting
          G#m                  A 
From this fuse I mixed till I light another
G#m               A
Cigarette just to pass my time, oh
G#m              F#m        E(pause)
Heaven knows how bitter I am

(Repeat chorus) 

Para ito sa bestfriend ko. I just love her so much. :)
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