Ordinary Boys - Boys Will Be Boys chords

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Intro - C5 B5 G5 F#5  -  Em Em/B E Em/B - Em Em/B E Em/B - 

Verse 1 - Em          Em/B          Em        Em/B - Em Em/B E Em/B
          I've had nights I will never forget, 
          Am          Am/E          Am        Am/E - Em Em/B E Em/B
          I've had nights I will always regret,
                     B              B/F#         
          But I can take it on the chin and say 
          C5     B5 G5 F#5 -  Em Em/B E Em/B
          Boys will be boys.

Verse 2 - There's been girls that've stolen our heart,
          But the others said they couldn't be prised apart,
          They'll never let us in, I say
          Boys will be boys

Chorus -            Em                       D#aug
          Well it's out of my skin, so I can never win
          G/D         C#m7b5
          Oh thanks a lot,
              C                       G/B
          We cheat and we lie and we fight, 
                                 Am6    C5 B5 G5 F#5  -  
          We don't cry, well we try...

Interlude - Em Em/B E Em/B - Em Em/B E Em/B 

Verse 3 - I felt driven and I felt obliged,
          I had feelings like a thorn in my side,
          I hope you never let us down, now,
          Boys will be boys.

Verse 4 - But if I saw her, I could hardly restrain, 
          Heavy weight girl to labour with pain,
          Chin up, chin up now
          Boys will be boys.
Bridge (Rap) - 
      Am: And me say, you better move out the way,
       G: We comfortin' the people them rockin' and swayin',
      Am: When serious, I never ever play,
       G: Boys will be boys and there's nuttin' you can say,

      Am: Spread the word accross the land,
          Cross wit' me people understand,
       G: Wish I had a magic wand,
          To make people unite, to be as one,

      Am: This goes out to all the girls and,
          They might send me round the bend,
       B: But boys will be boys, 
          Listen, right till the end,


End - C5 B5 G5 F#5 -    C5   B5 G5 F#5 -
                      Boys will be boys              
      Boys will be boys till the end.
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