Otis Day And The Knights - Shama Lama Ding Dong chords

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I play this with a capo on the 5th position.  The Chords refer to open chord 
shapes in relation to the capo. Song written by Mark Davis and used in the movie "Animal House".

G              Em
If I searched   this whole wide world
G                      Em        
Id never, never, never find me a girl 
C             D              G
who'd love me the way that u do

Chorus x2
G                                  Em
Cos you shama lama in my rama lama ding dong
Baby, u put the ooh mau mau (oh, oh, oh, oh)
back into my smile child
C                         D
That is why,(that is why) that is why (that is why)
You are my sugar dee dip

G            Em
And our love,   this love we share
is stronger then the other
no one else can compare
C                      D                        G
  Is stronger then the highest mountain and the deepest sea

repeat chorus to fade.

transcribed by gideonjamesabbott
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