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Oval Opus - Whisper tab

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This guy knows music.  He's got the soulfulness of Stevie Wonder, yet the 
timelessness of Paul McCartney.  This song is off his Congress Hotel album

Intro/Verses: G  am7  adim7  G 

How do I ask her to come back to me
After I told her goodbye
How do I love her so desperately
For so long I pushed her aside

	    am7	D		
How do I walk back into her life?
	G				C
When Im the one who walked out on her
am7			D  d#dim7
How do I ask her to see me again
  Em		Em - /F# - G 
I told her that I wasnt sure
			am7  D 
That we could be friends

Chorus:  ||: Em  bm7 - am7 :|| - D 
God can you whisper in her ear
Anywhere on the way to her car
Before the wind blows her to far
Away from my heart
Can you whisper in her ear
Anytime while shes lying on her bed
Can you tell her everything that I said
Everything that I said

How do I try and explain everything
When nothing I say seems to fit
How do I get her to pick up the phone
Baby how did we ever get like this

What kind of man lets love slip away
And leave such a good thing behind
Im holding hands pressed praying to find
A way to fill in this hole I have inside

(Repeat Chorus)

OoooCan you whisper

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