Owen Wilson - Dont Give Up On Us chords

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Don't Give Up On Us
David Soul cover by Owen Wilson
iTunes version from Starsky and Hutch

100% correct for the iTunes version of this song.


E - x-7-6-4-5-4 or 0-2-2-1-0-0 

A - x-0-2-2-2-0

Amaj7 - x-0-2-1-2-0

Asus4 - x-0-2-2-3-0

D - x-0-0-2-3-2

D/F# - 2-0-0-2-3-2

Bm - x-2-4-4-3-2

C#m - x-4-6-6-5-4

C# - x-4-6-6-6-4

F#m - 2-4-4-2-2-2

Intro: Asus4

           A             Amaj7
Don't give up on us baby

               D/F#        E
Don't make the wrong seem right

    C#m                   F#m
The Future isn't just one night

D                    A  
It's written in the moonlight 

D               A
Painted on the stars

                Bm      Asus4
We can't change ours

           A             Amaj7
Don't give up on us baby 

                 D/F#       E
Lord knows we've come this far

C#m                      F#m
Can't we stay the way we are

D                  A
The angel and the dreamer

     D                 C#
Who sometimes plays a fool

           Bm              Asus4           
Don't give up on us I know 

We can still come through

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