Page France - Bush chords

Artist: Page France
 Album: Hello, Dear Wind
  Song: Bush

Tuning: All strings down 1 step (low to high): DGCFAd
Or Capo the first fret.

 C D Fmaj7  G F


Pattern I:  C D Fmaj7

Pattern II: G F

C D Fmaj7 x2

C           D      Fmaj7  C
You stood beside a burning bush
            D      Fmaj7    C
And let the trumpetmen catch fire
               D         Fmaj7  C
You squeezed a flood out of a    stone
            D      Fmaj7  C
And all the people drank it dry
           D       Fmaj7    C
So all the ships returned to land
                D         Fmaj7     C
The birds could swim, the fish could fly
          D         Fmaj7  C
The angels couldn't under-  stand
         D         Fmaj7   G
How everyone could get it  right
      F          G               F
Circus composer, you let us get closer

C           D     Fmaj7  C
You stood below a tangerine
           D      Fmaj7  C
And let the frugal melt away
            D         Fmaj   C
And all the world was you and we
               D      Fmaj7 G
Thought it were better any -  way
     F        G                         F
Circus composer, could you write this all down?
G             F      G             F
You let us get closer, you let us be found
G    F         G                  F
Circus composer, could you make me a star
G             F     G              F
If I tied myself to   your wrecking ball?



Keyboard (16 Reed Organ)

C4 = middle C


D4 F3 x4

Eb4 G3 x2

G4 Bb3 x2   x8


A4 A3 x4

G4 G3 x4    x2

Verse 2

D5  F4  x4

Eb5 G4  x2

G5  Bb4 x2   x4

Chorus 2/Outro

A5 A4 x4

G5 G4 x4    x8

For 8th time, hold high note and play lower note on the beat

Then hold D5 & F5

Then just D4 & F4 and D5


Keyboard (16 Reed Organ) Tabbed for guitar in standard tuning

Verse           x8    Chorus             x2


Verse                      Chorus/Outro

                    x4                      x8



Keyboard 2 (97 Vibes)

Second verse:

D6 Bb5 G5

D5 Bb5 G5

D5 Bb5 G5

D5 Bb5 G5 A5

Outro (circus composer, could you make me a star):

F5~ A5 Bb5 F6

F5~ A5 Bb5 G5

F5~ A5 Bb5 F6



#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #
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