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Paolo Nutini - Jenny Dont Be Hasty chords

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	                 JENNY DON'T BE HASTY - Paolo Nutini

Tabbed by: Josh Spivey

Tuning: Standard

Beware! All chords except the A are barred so don't try to play the open versions!

F#m Strum top string repeatedly, building volume.

F#m  C#  D  C#  B.... B  C#  B  A  F#m  x2

F#m      C#    D     C#m    B   
You said you'd marry me      if I was 23 
B           D    B         A     F#m
but I'm one that you can't see    if I'm only 18 
F#m     C#  D            C#      B 
Tell me who makes these rules     obviously not you 
B       D   B    A     F#m
Who are you answering to? 

F#m                  A             
Oh, Jenny don't be hasty 
A                   C*    F#m
No, don't treat me like a baby 
D                         A
Let me take you where you let me 
           C*        F#m        D  A
because leaving just upsets me

Same as that for the rest of it.


    F#m   C#     D     B     A     C* 

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