Paolo Nutini - Loving You chords

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Hello, I know it's abit late uploading this song seems as it came out in 2006 
but I have just listened to his album- These Streets and this is my favourite song 
from the album

i believe the original recording is in the key of D but it contains an F# so to make it easier
for the novices, i have, once found the chords, transposed them into G.
I hope this tab helps. :)
Please leave comments and improvements :-)

Verse 1
G     G7             C            D
Back off loneliness anD hello tenderness,
G     G7             C            D
i've been waiting for your call for so long
G     G7             C            D
and it musta been hard just to follow your soul,
G     G7             C            D
to stick to the road that your heart wants you to go and as you
G     G7             C            D
slide through the door with your morals on your sleeve
G     G7             C            D
and i think its time for all those morals to leave so lets get
G     G7            B           Em
down and freaky baby, lets get restless baby
C                    D
cmon' get crazy with me and i said, when your..

G      G7      C        D
loving me, im loving you
G     G7                    C                D
and i love the prowess in the things that you do and its your
G     G7            B           Em
flawless soul that bleeds my stone and when your
C                           D
loving me im loving you and thats when we've got it goin' on

repeat: G, G7, C, D

So many people think we've got it wrong

They'll try to break us but we won't play along
               G   G7    
So let's get down and dirty baby
B           Em 
Let's get restless baby

Come on get crazy with me

Repeat Chorus Twice and fade out :)
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