Paul And Paula - Hey Paula chords

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                           Paul & Paula - Hey Paula

There is another tab out there, but I noticed that it wasn't correct. Here's the 
correct version. Stick with bar chords throughout the song, strumming lightly 
mostly on the high strings like any ol' doo-wop-ish song.  However, the second Em 
in the chorus sounds better in its low open form. Some chords can be 7th-ed for 
effect if you wish. Enjoy!

VERSE 1 (Paul) 
         G     Em          C          D  
Hey, hey, Paula,   I wanna marry you,  
         G     Em          C              D  
hey, hey, Paula,   no one else could ever do.  
    G          Em       G            Em  
I've waited so long for school to be through,  
C                              D    
Paula, I can't wait no more, for you.  
   G   C     G     D7
My love, my love.  

VERSE 2 (Paula)   
      G  Em           C              D  
Hey, Paul,   I've been waiting for you,  
            G   Em           C           D  
hey-hey-hey Paul,  I want to marry you, too.  
   G           Em       G           Em  
If you love me true, if you love me still,       
C                       D     
our love will always be real. 
     G  C   G     D7
My love    my love.  

CHORUS (Together)
G               Em         Am  
True love means planning a life for two,  
D    		   G
being together the whole day through.  
Em                          A7   
True love means waiting and hoping that soon,  
C                       D7         
wishes we've made, will come true.  
    G  C      G   D7 
My love    my love.  

VERSE 3 (Paul then Paula) 
          G     Em          C            D  
Hey, hey, Paula....I've been waiting for you.  
          G    Em           C            D  
Hey, hey, Paul    I want to marry you, too.  

     G  C        G  (ends on G)  
My Love     My love.   

*An oldie chorded out by a relative newbie, Starcat. Dedicated in memory of Andrew 
Ace Rogers.  Beef?--->

This a real band with a #1 hit from 1963 (this song):
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