Paul And Storm - The Captain Wifes Lament chords

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    Dm                            Gm               
The ship sailed into harbor after fifteen months at sea
    Dm                              A
The captain hit the tavern with his crew of fifty-three
Dm                               Gm
After drinking up their pay they staggered through the town
    Dm                                        A       Dm  
But all the inns and public houses turned the sailors down
    Dm                                  Gm               
The captain said "Fear not, me lads you all can come with me
  Dm                                   A
I live just 'round the corner, and you all can stay for free"
    Dm                              Gm               
But when the captain's wife awoke upon the break of day
    Dm                                            A      Dm  
They say that you could hear her wailin' Clear to Bot'ny Bay...
                 D                             G
She said there's seamen all around the bed and seamen on the floor
D                            A
Seamen in the bathroom and behind the closet door
        Bm            F#            Bm            F#
there's seamen in the fireplace and seamen in the hall
    G              D             G       A       D
The living room is carpeted with seamen, wall to wall
        D                          G
there's seamen in the entryway and seamen on the stair
    D                                 A
And worst of all, there's even seamen in me underwear
        Bm              F#            Bm              F#
there's some behind the larder and beneath the table, too
  G               D            G     A     D
I do believe your seamen got into me Irish stew
        D                              G
there's seamen here in front of me and seamen in the rear
    D                              A
My God, there's even seamen hanging from the chandelier
        Bm            F#             Bm            F#
there's seamen on the windowsill and seamen in the yard
    G           D              G      A        D
The seamen even left a stain upon the Saint Bernard
  D                               G 
Although I am a patient wife 'tis more than I can bear
   D                                A
To wake up in the morning with your seamen in my hair
  D              G                D            A
I ne'er again do wish to see thee darken up my door
   G                 D               G        A      D
So clean up all your seamen and come round my way no more
   G                 D               G        A      D
So clean up all your seamen and come round my way no more!
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