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Paul Colman Trio - Turn tab

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Intro: Am7, Em , Dsus - D , C2  *note the change from Dsus to D
                                 is quick and u actually only strum each 
                                 of the D & Dsus chords once before
                                 moving into the C2 chord.

Verse1 : Am7, Em, Dsus-D, C2
         Am7, Em, Fmaj7 ,G
         Am7, Em, Dsus-D,C2
         Am7, Em, Dsus-D,C2
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Chorus : F, Am, G, C
         F, Am, G, Gsus - G.
         F, Am, G, C
         F, Am, G, Gsus - G.

Verse2: Am7, Em, Dsus - D, C2
        Am7, Em, Dsus - D, C2

Verse3: Same as 2

OK I've included some chords down below which you may not be familiar with.

C2 : 01023X
Dsus :3320XX
Fmaj7 :01230X
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