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Paul Weller - To Be Someone tab

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This is some song man, want to say cheers to paulo burnett:P for puttin it on his 
   Signed Niall Gibson;) Neilston, Glasgow

Verse 1

To be someone must be a wonderful thing, to be a footballer or rock sing-er,

Cadd9  Em7  Am     Cadd9       Em7       
or a film st-ar, yeah a think that a would like, a would like tha-t

To be rich and have alot of fa-gs, show other girls that am there man

Cadd9  Em7    Am                          G
To be number one, love like everybody wa-nts

Gettin drugged up with ma trendy fri-ends, i think they dig me more than i

                 Cadd9   Em7    Am     Cadd9    
dig them, but the money i have spent, it is like my fame and it quickily

Cadd9        Em7           Am          Cadd9         
Em7           Am
no swimmin in ma guitar shaped po-ol, no more reporters at my beck and ca-ll

 Cadd9       Em7           Am                   
no more cocaine now its only ground chalk, and i cant afford a taxi so ii'l

have to walk

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D            C       G        D           
But didnt i have a nice time, but didnt i have a nice ti-me,

D          Cadd9        C
But didnt i have a nice time

Verse 2

I realise i should have stuck to my gu-ns, spat me out just like a bastard


Cadd9   Em    Am    Cadd9      Em7      
And i lost myself, and i know that it was wrong, but it cost me lo-ts

Cadd9                             G                 Cadd9
Theres no more drinking now the clubs shut down, and im out here on my

                G                        Cadd9
arse with the rest of the clowns, and im really scared with out my

G                  Cadd9                     G
body-guard, when im sitting all alone in my expensive ya-rd,

D          Cadd9        G
But did i have a nice ti-me   x5


D            Cadd9            G       D      
i cant remember if i had a nice time, did i have a nice time

To be someone must be a wonderful thing

The words might be a bit wrong but that should be it;)

Hope yees enjoyed it :P;)
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