Pearl Jam - The End chords

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Tabbed by Johan Persson

Capo on 2

E                     B
What were all those dreams we shared
C#m               E
Those many years ago?
E                     B
What were all those plans we made now
C#m               E
Left beside the road?
A                E
Behind us in the road

E                  B
More than friends, I always pledged
C#m                        E
Cause friends they come and go
E                  B
People change, as does everything
C#m                E
I wanted to grow old
A                  E
I just want to grow old

E         A       E
Slide up next to me
     A             F#
I'm just a human being
A                C#m
I will take the blame
But just the same
This is not me
You see?
I'm better than this
       A           E
Don't leave me so cold
     A                   F#
I'm buried beneath the stones
   A                C#m
I just want to hold on
          B            A
I know I'm worth your love
I don't think      
There's such a thing

E                    B
It's my fault now, having caught 
    C#m             E
a sickness in my bones
E                B
How it pains to leave you here
        C#m             E
With the kids on your own
A               E
Just don't let me go

E       A        E
Help me see myself
      A                F#
Cause I can no longer tell
 A                    C#m
Looking out from the inside
        B           A
Of the bottom of a well
It's hell
I yell
But no one hears before I disappear
A             F#
whisper in my ear
A                   C#m
Give me something to echo
         B              A
In my unknown future's ear

My dear
The end
Comes near
I'm here
But not much longer
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