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Peter Paul And Mary - There Is A Ship The Water Is Wide tab

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THERE IS A SHIP (The Water is Wide) -- Peter, Paul and Mary.

PP&M's version of this lovely folksong.

D               G                 D
There is a ship and she sails the sea
D            Bm    Em          A
Sheís loaded deep, as deep can be
A7         F#m  D7              Bm
But not as deep as the love Iím in
G6         F#m  A         D
I know not if   I sink or swim

(Same chords for rest of song)
I leaned my back against an oak
Thinking it was a trusty tree
But first it bent and then it broke
Just as my love proved false to me

Oh, love is gentle, and love is kind
The sweetest flower when first itís new
But love grows old and waxes cold
And fades away like the morniní dew

The water is wide, I cannot get oíer
Neither have I the wings to fly
Give me a boat that can carry two
And both shall row my love and I

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