Peter Paul And Mary - I Dig Rock And Roll Music chords

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I Dig Rock and Roll Music chords
Peter, Paul and Mary  1967 (Album 1700)

D D7 
I dig rock and roll music
      D                         D7
And I love to get the chance to play. (and sing it)
D D7                             D                D7
I figure it's about the happiest sound going down today.

Bm          G
The message may not move me,
Bm        G
Or mean a great deal to me,
    Bm      E                  A   A7         
But hey! it feels so groovy to say:

D D7                                  D
I dig the Mamas and the Papas at "The Trip,"
Sunset Strip in L.A.
D   D7 
And they got a good thing going
         D                      D7
When the words don't get in the way.

Bm               G
And when they're really wailing,
Bm           G
Michelle and Cass are sailing.
     Bm          E              A   A7
Hey! they really nail me to the wall.

D D7               D                       D7
I dig Donovan in a dream-like, tripped out way
D   D7             D                         D7
His crystal images tell you 'bout a brighter day

Bm           G
And when the Beatles tell you
Bm                  G
They've got a word "love" to sell you
Bm                E         A  A7
They mean exactly what they say

D D7
I dig Rock and Roll music
        D                        D7
I could really get it on in that scene.
D D7                          D                  D7
I think I could say something if you know what I mean

Bm       G                  Bm          G
But if I really say it, the radio won't play it
Bm       E                  A    A7
Unless I lay it between the lines!

D D7  D  D7 . . . .

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