Pfr - Garden chords

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   F9     Em       Am7     Am7(2)
  --3--  --3--    --3--    --0--
  --1--  --0--    --1--    --1--
  --2--  --0--    --0--    --0--
  --3--  --2--    --2--    --2--
  --0--  --2--    --0--    --0--
  -----  --0--    -----    -----

F9   Em    Am   Am7   F   Fm

F9          Em          Am     Am7    F
Standing over my garden I look down
And disappointment overcomes me
F9                    Em                 Am      Am7     F
The tears that formed are now falling from my eyes
And watering the ground around me
Am                   Am7(2)         D                     Dm
Lost inside this dissolution I hear you say my name

C  G         Am
I hear you calling
Dm  Am             G
I hear you calling to me
F  Dm        Am
I hear you calling (echo)

F9               Em                 Am          Am7      F
Faith, like a flower, needs water and room to grow
Placed in sunlight, not in shadow
F9                  Em              Am          Am7         F
Hope that the seed that is hidden will rise and bloom
From the heart of one forgiven
Am                    Am7(2)               D                     Dm
Love runs in the living water I've heard you say my name
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