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Phideaux - The Waiting chords

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                                          Artist - Phideaux Xavier
                                            Song - The Waiting 
                                          Album - The Great Leap 
                                           Tabbed By - Ayreon77

play the bass notes of the chords

Gm                                   F          C        Gm
The bus pulled up to the prison gate waiting to cast the line
                                         F     C        Gm
Flashpot light cast the night ablaze and so it seemed a sign
            F      C         Eb
A sign that wasn't something right
            F         C     Eb                Gm
A sign that something could ignite out in the night

Gm                                  F        C          Gm
When the symptoms came together and everyone lost their mind
                                       F      C        Eb
I bound myself forever to number seven challenging the divine
              F       C      Gm              F      C   Eb      
But there was nothing in our mind, as if the answer was denied
               F        C          Eb              C
And there were feelings there that no one cared to find

When the saints were called to jump into the heavens
F        C        Gm
We stood back and climbed

Some people stood around with frozen stunned expressions
F      C      Eb                    F       C      Eb 
Pieces of the design  cuz there was nothing in our eyes
               F       C         Eb
There could be nothing you would find
             F      C       Eb            C
There was no answer to what waits for you inside

Gm                             F        C        Eb 
Then tapped out into the ocean everyone waits in line
  Gm                                         F     C         Eb 
I thought myself forever the old expression, suddenly it was mine
              F        C      Eb           F           C   Eb
Cuz there was violence in our eyes,   this destruction was supplied
          F       C       Eb            F       C        Eb
As if the waiting all the time had some meaning we could define

      Dm            C     Gm
And I wandered this world looking for answers
  Dm            C        Gm
I wandered this world in time
  Dm            C     Gm                       Dm     C      Gm
I wandered this world looking for answers that I just didn't find


Gm                           F      C                 Eb
Went down south out to ocean braced ourselves for the fight
Gm                                   F          C       Eb
Something proud drew from emotion as waves took hold of life
          F       C       Eb              F      C       Eb    
They were waiting all the time, there was nobody left in line
            F       C    Eb        F        C        Eb
And in this feeling we'd arrived beyond the waste of time
  F        C         Eb      Gm          F       C
Beyond the oath that binds Beyond what's left to find

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