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Phil Danyew - Beautiful King chords

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Verse 1:
B          G#m                E                  B             
 Beautiful King,  has anybody seen Your glory unfold ? 
B              G#m                    E                     B
You walk up to me with sparks in Your eyes, You brighten my world 
G#m                    E  -  F#    G#m                    E  -   F#   (silence)
And You'll always be my only One.  You're the only God I'll ever love because... 

Chorus :
E          F#                  G#m           E
Every word that you say wields the beauty of angels. 
B              F#             G#m              E
Every smile is arrayed with a joy like wedding bells. 
         B       F#        G#m          E
It's my heart you hold. Of your mystery I sing. 
       B         F#
I will stand and behold my Beautiful King 

Verse 2 :
B          G#m                E                  B
Love of my soul, with power untold, who is like you ? 
B             G#m                 E                   B
Lamb that was slain, my God, You reign in victory and truth. 
G#m                  E  -   F#    G#m                        E  -   F#   
And I'll follow You all my days.  And I'll give to You every single thing. 
I hand everything over... 


Bridge :
Dbm            G#m                      F#
And time flies by. We're not standing alone. 
Every word that You say, Father, let it be known. 
          B                      F#                      
I fall so fast without You by my side. Let Your beauty be seen 
B              E     G#m   F#
Let Your glory unfold      4x

Chorus : 2x
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