Phish - Sleep tab

from Farmhouse
Matt Burns

This is my first tab.

Anyway, ive seen bitter sweet motel (awhile ago) and im guessing this is how the 
of the song goes:

(I can't describe...)

-----3-----1-----0-----|    <==
-----0-----0-----0-----|    <== x3
-----------------------|    <==


(I'm in my bed asleep...)
(I wake up with...)
(And all my efforts...)
(to reconstruct...)


Now for the bridge (or whatever you call it)
"theres certain things my mind must do...."
i have no idea. ill try to figure it out, and if you have any suggestions, please email me.

however, it picks back up into:


when trey sings "Repairing is not one of them..."
                "So im awake though in my mind..."
                "The image that's so unrefined..."
                "Is calling to me from the deep..."

The end just repeats:

------3------1----1----1----0----|   <==
------0------0----0----0---------|   <== x3  here's also some funky
---------------------------------|   <==     solo stuff in in between (??)

"Tempting me, to fall asleep..."

so, thats what i got.  email me with questions, critism, praise, or naked pictures of 
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