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Phish - Sample In A Jar tab

Phish - Sample in a Jar

Trey starts the song with:

  A   C   G   D              A   E   Em   D
                  H                       * - toggle your selector switch back
and forth :)

This is done twice as an intro, then there's a drum break, and then this
same progression is used fo the verses.  it's played two more
times as a verse.

The chorus goes like this:

A D E D  played 4X

Then play the verse progression once (w. distortion), then 2 more times as
the second verse.  then there's another chorus.

The break is:

C   D   A   G   C   D   E  (let the E chord hang for a while)

During that hanging E, trey does a little fill like this:

   H P H P H P H P H P H

Then the chorus part is played two more times.   There's a solo over the verse
progression, and the song ends on a big A chord.

here's a good starting point for the solo... just a bunch of unison bends
you can play each of them twice or let it ring out.  once you get to the
final unison bend, just go nuts in F#m penatonic for a few measures until
the progression starts over again


or another way it shows up a lot live


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